Common Uses

Include, Coffee tables , end tables , table legs , table base , bases , stool , bar stools , kitchen stools , kitchen table legs , bathroom vanity , plant stands , lamp stand , man cave deco , interior decoration , exterior furniture decor , rustic live edge furniture , bedroom suit , entertainment center accent , flatscreen flat screen television tv t.v. stand, electronic equipment rack,  picture stand, wedding decor, wedding cake base, cake stand, wedding seats seating , live natural edge furniture, shabby chic , country chic, western decor, bedside table , side table, and many more...

Cedar Stumps

Beautiful cedar stumps for sale! Obviously every piece varies in size but we target a specific size tree. They are cut at 20'' tall (unless you request otherwise) and they average 12-14'' wide.Offered for a limited time only at $135.00 each. Normally priced at 0ver two hundred.


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